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What is cumulonimbus?
cumulonimbus is official emoji page/portal. Where you can manage your account and its data. You have the right to make changes in your account and post the latest updates on your wall.C

Cumulonimbus clouds are also called thunderstorms, since they usually have lightning and thunder associated with them. Cumulonimbus clouds develop from cumulus humulus and cumulus congestus clouds. Read More tropical …

cumulonimbus [ kyōōm′yə-lō-nĭm ′bəs ] Plural cumulonimbi (kyōōm′yə-lō-nĭm′bī) An extremely dense, vertically developed cloud with a low, dark base and fluffy masses that tower to great heights. Cumulonimbus clouds usually produce heavy rains, thunderstorms, or hailstorms. Also called thundercloud See illustration at cloud.

Cumulonimbus clouds are menacing looking multi-level clouds, extending high into the sky in towers or plumes. More commonly known as thunderclouds, …

Cumulonimbus (din limba latină cumulus “grămadă” și nimbus “nor de furtună”) este un nor dens, înalt, asociat cu furtuni și instabilitate atmosferică, format din vapori de apă sub acțiunea unui vânt ascendent. Norii Cumulonimbus se pot …

Cumulonimbus ( Cb) či dešťová kupa je bouřkový oblak, který roste do velkých výšek kolem 5000 až 15 000, výjimečně 20 000 m. Díky tropopauze ve vyšších vrstvách atmosféry má jeho horní část typický tvar kovadliny. Je v podstatě příčinou všech bouřek a …

Thunderstorm over the Rocky Mountains The fan-shaped cloud in the center of this picture is the edge of a cumulonimbus anvil visible through lower level cumulus clouds. This is a fairly common sight out West, but is rarely seen in …

Cumulonimbus clouds are large, tall clouds that are dark on the bottom and usually produce rain and thunderstorms. In fact, they are sometimes called thunderstorm clouds, but they can also bring…

Cumulonimbus clouds are large, fluffy, and mighty clouds that take the shape of an anvil or a huge mushroom at the top when well-developed. They are very dense clouds that soar up to a height of about 15 – 22 km. The anvil or mushroom shape is caused due to the strong wind shear or warm air turbulence when the cloud reaches the troposphere.

Cumulonimbus são as mais perigosas nuvens da Terra. Suas dimensões horizontais e verticais são tão grandes que sua forma característica só pode ser vista claramente à longa distância (por isso o fato de serem vistas a até 400 km de distância, dependendo das condições do tempo). Elas produzem neve, chuva, granizo, raios, e até tornados.


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