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3 gallons of the Parks 50 Quenching Oil in a seal-able steel quenchable pail. This the the most famous/fastest quenching oil available, even from a cool 10-50° C. Ideal For: High carbon steels (1040 – 10xx – 1095, W1, W2 etc.). Especially of some mass requiring a maximal cooling curve for optimal hardness. What makes i

Parks 50 is considered a fast oil. Many times a quench oil is described in seconds quenching using a Nickel Ball test. The Nickel Ball quench time is 7-9 seconds. Typical steels to use with this quench oil formula include: W1, W2, 1095.

Duratherm 48 or DT 48 is it’s also known, is a replacement for Parks 50 but costs less. The oil is darker in appearance than Parks 50. Duratherm 48 has the same quench rate as Park’s 50 which is 7 to 9 seconds in the Nickle ball test. DT 48 is a low viscosity oil that approaches water in quench speed, but offers a more uniform, less severe quench.

Quenching oils, such as Parks AAA or Parks 50, are considered the best quenching oils. Another popular choice is canola oil which contains a high quantity of oleic fat and provides excellent oxidation resistance. Of course, it also depends on various factors, such as steel type, cost, availability, workshop location, the purpose of the …

Apr 23, 2017 · For me, Parks 50 is the only quench oil I use anymore, for any oil quenching alloy. It comes in a plastic pail. jdm61 itinerant metal pounder. Joined Aug 12, 2005 Messages 47,357. Apr 22, 2017 #7 Ben, you can quench too fast if you are doing thin blades of deeper hardening steel. Parks oil used to come in 5 gallon steel buckets, but I don’t …

Quenchants. Maxim offers a variety of high-speed quenchants for industrial heat treating processes. Available in various quench speeds for various metals. PRODUCT. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. DURATHERM G. 10 – 12 second (Ni ball) quench oil. #50 QUENCH OIL. 7 – 9 second quench oil manufactured by Park Metalurgical/Heatbath Corporation.

Oct 13, 2010 · Each steel will have its own sweet spot in heating for the quench and each steel will have it own sweet spot in the cooling rate. The best I can give you for the simple guide is this-. Fast quench oils (6-9 seconds): W1, W2, 1095, 1084, 1080, 1075, 15n20. Medium speed quench oils (9-12 seconds): 01, L6, 52100, 5160, 8670m.

For controlled cooling, use quenching oil instead of water to minimize cracking and distortion after heat treating parts and tools. It’s nonstaining and chlorine and sulfur free. Use full strength. 11 Sec. Quench Time. 28 Sec. Quench Time. Container Size, gal. Container Type : Each : Each: 1: Jug: 000000: 000000: 000000: 000000: 5: Pail: 000000:

Jul 07, 2012 · If you really are strapped, do the interrupted quench and work on careful, even heating. You need to heat w2 evenly and soak it a bit anyway. So, these two things go together. Water – into – Canola is as good, and may even be (gasp) …


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